Is in this pastureland where the bulls of Yerbabuena’s iron brand, arising from “Jandilla” and “Pedrajas”, and the Anglo-Arabian or Spanish purebred horse herd graze

The Spanish brave bull livestock is our pastureland’s main activity.

The livestock farming is focussed on the brave bull and the purebred breeding. This activity, which currently remains being craft, is the essence of our grassland. You can feel the Andalusian countryside living this wonderful experience.

Our cattle

The Yerbabuena’s iron brand.

Slogan, white and blue. Sign, tendril on the right y notch on the left. Built on decades of tradition in the bull breeding.


We offer a bullring arena and an official horse-riding trail. Both for multiple celebrations as bullfights.

The fighting bulls

The bull is more than just a symbol. Being able to lie next to its bravery and nobility is a unique experience that you can now enjoy.


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