Appreciate a pastureland on a unique setting

Andalusia the uniqueness land across Spain and Sierrra Morena


Its old centre is the largest in Spain and one of the three greatest ones of Europe along with Venice and Genova. Seville also has a great historic centre, one of the largest in Spain. Either the historic and memorial heritage or the various artistic and cultural areas create this atmosphere of both national and international incoming tourism just behind Barcelona and Madrid. The Cathedral, which includes “La Giralda”, the Alcazar, the India’s Archive and the Golden Tower “Torre del Oro” are among its most representative monuments.

North Sevillian Rage

The North Rage of Seville is the ideal setting to practice different sports such as hiking (more than 18 available routes), bird watching or mushrooms gathering. The climbing enthusiasts can visit the Iron Hill “Cerro del Hierro” and nothing better than the Green Road “Vía Verde” of the North Rage for the adventurous cyclists. The hunting during the time frame is another one of its extras. You could also be interested in one of its 26 Cultural Interests Goods, just like its Art centre located in Cazalla de la Sierra.


Andalusia, the flamenco’s cradle
Seville is the perfect location to live the “flamenco”. Besides the fact that the “flamenco” museum is here, you can also go to the “tablaos” where professionals will perform a live show.
Because of a huge variety of cultures and its different customs over the years, the Andalusian gastronomy is one of the most widen ones. If you want to taste the best Iberic jam and the best Iberic meats you can visit Huelva’s Rage. Is on the Andalusian shore or including here in Seville (in Isla Mayor the great rice producer) where you can find the top rice and fishes.
Of course, you can’t leave Andalusia without tasting its famous “tapas” each city and bar has its own specialties: “salmorejo”, “pringá”, “pescaito frito” …
Let you be amazed by our great cuisine!

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