Visit and feel the Andalusian life.

Delve into a pastureland loaded with history

Dehesa Yerbabuena open its centennial doors to the public. Every story has a beginning and we want to share it, live ours through our huge variety of guided routes.

Bull raising

We offer visits to get to know our traditional Spanish bull raising. Know its steps and its selection made since birth to the moment they will be sent to the bullring.

The Spanish brave cattle

Delight yourself in our guided tours with the closeness of our brave cattle and its pups. You will also contemplate our horse’s herd freely grazing on our state. Feel the warmth and strength these wonderful animals convey.

Carriage routes

Discover our lands through carriage routes in “remolques rocieros”, a traditional transport used by Spanish people, getting to know the brave bull’s cattle and the Anglo-Arabian horse herd.


This arena has taken a significant part in cattle history. Both famous Spanish and South American bullfighters have shown their skills and proficiency leaving their imprint on Yerbabuena’s livestock.

The chapel “La Ermita”

Located in “Cerro del Olivar”, this little construction carries great spiritual and intangible value from its past and now. Together, faith and beliefs were the beginning of this chapel. Later, this chapel would embrace for years lots of bullfighters who would worship and pray to the Yerbabuena’s Virgin placed in its altar. They would ask her shelter and protection for the bullfight performances in Spain.

Group visits

Come over with friends and family

Visits are organised in groups, so you can enjoy whether with friends or family. Our accommodations and facilities will make you ignore further concerns and relax visiting our grassland.

Be part of our history

Visiting our state allow you to be part of a hundred years of history and tradition. Nature and heritage meet in this unique location in the North range of Seville.

Book in advance

Make your reservation with time in advance so we could plan your visit trouble-free. Ask for our visitation kits and feel as you are part of this pastureland.


Horseback riding

Horseback ridings can be organised at any time of the year. This activity also allows you to enjoy the extraordinary landscapes of Dehesa Yerbabuena.

Plan your group visit

Please contact us and make your reservation for your visit

Any doubts?

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